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Rust Cop 12 oz. Aerosol Can

$19.00 - $107.00


The premier general purpose automotive formula! This formula, available in aerosol can is handy to have around the house or shop for just about any use! Rust Cop lubricates, penetrates, and frees bolts, nuts, and hinges tight or seized with corrosion! It’s long-lasting protection can be used anywhere!

Just some of the uses include:
Trucks, Cars, Vans, Bikes, Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Shovels, Rakes, Metal Boxes, Power tools, hand tools, virtually anywhere in your shop or home!

Replace your other lubricants and penetrants with Rust Cop! And because it is long-lasting, one can will go a long way – longer than most of the other products out there.

Indoors or out – this is the answer. Rust Cop is ideal as a quick solution for winter protection of your metal lawn furniture, your grill, your anything metal! Use it on your lawn mower, snow blowers, trimmers and hedgers! Keep your chain saw chain lubricated. Keep your bike chain lubricated.

Working on a car that has some seized nuts and bolts? Apply some Rust Cop and relax! It quickly penetrates and loosens up those seized nuts and bolts. Use it after completing repairs to maintain that long-term protection. Stop corrosion in its tracks and moving parts will continue to work; screws, bolts and nuts will not seize! Use it in your workshop to keep your tools looking professional.

Seams, welds, folds, and crevices
Riveted pieces, chains
Door & lock mechanisms
Gas tanks & straps
Brake cables
Wheel hub nuts
Oil pan, transmission nuts & bolts
Mirror Mounts
Seized parts, nuts and bolts

Rollers, castors, hinges, brackets, release cables
Window regulators & wiper mechanism
Coil & leaf springs, U bolts
Electrical wiring, lights, electrical connectors, battery posts & cables
Any area where dissimilar metals are fastened (aluminum & steel)
Radiator brackets, shrouds & casing
Headlight Adjusters