Military/Transit Coating


Since 2004, Carwell Products has provided exceptional support through the conduct of Corrosion Service Team (CST) operations (dripless application) for the United States Marine Corps for the I MEF, II MEF, III MEF, and MFR. This has included all aspects of Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPAC) service to include Unit Coordination, the application of authorized Corrosion Prevention Compounds, Surface Preparation and Paint Touch-up, Equipment Assessments, Weekley Reporting and Verification and Validation of equipment serviced for each unit. In 2012, the Carwell-operated CSTs serviced over 46,000 assets for the Marine Corps, ensuring safe and productive operations through effective management and operational support. Carwell has been instrumental during this period in maintaining work schedules, implementing efficiencies and ensuring cost reductions to the Marine Corps.

Harsh operating conditions, high op-tempo, and overseas transport describe some of the abuse that military ground equipment receives on a daily basis. Corrosion is just one of many potential issues that this equipment faces. But corrosion problems can lead to other problems – electrical issues, physical damage, and safety issues – to name a few.

So why not prevent one in order to prevent another?
Carwell has operated teams for the Marine Corps, Army Reserve and National Guard. Annual application has demonstrated a cost avoidance that can exceed 1:6!

Operations provide a variety of services to assist in the fight against corrosion
Product and systems are available for overseas applications, touch-ups, or any other need!

Product National Stock Numbers

NSN 8030-01-414-7423 CP-90 case of 12 – 16oz bottles
NSN 8030-01-414-8947 CP-90 5 gallon pail
NSN 8030-01-414-7430 T-32 55 gallon drum

Transit Coating

Carwell’s T32 has been used extensively for Transit Coating on commercial and military vehicles. Most recently, Carwell was awarded a contract for Transit Coating of M985A4 Cargo Trucks before transport to Taiwan. It is an excellent and hassle free alternative to other products that you may have tried in the past. Application and removal takes less than half the time of other comparable products. Carwell can provide you with the product, equipment, and training so your team can service your vehicles or our team of highly-trained service technicians can service your vehicles for you prior to transport. To get started, please call Thomas Delavan at 716 896-1677.