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T32 – CP90 16 oz Pump Spray Bottle

$21.20 - $120.00


The non-aerosol form of Rust Cop, CP-90 provides the same great protection and versatility. Set your shop up to touch-up your customer’s vehicles or keep a rag and some CP-90 handy during clean-up. The ultra-thin film bonds with the metal creating a long-lasting protection that you can count on!

Just some of the uses include:
As a touch-up after completing body work, as a preventative after replacing moving parts, as a lubricant and penetrant to loosen seized nuts and bolts, to protect your tools and equipment from rust and corrosion, or virtually anywhere you may need corrosion protection!

Replace your other lubricants and penetrants with CP-90! And because it is long-lasting, one pump spray bottle goes a long way – longer than most of the other products out there.

Indoors or out – this is the answer. CP-90 is ideal as a quick solution for winter protection of your metal lawn furniture, your grill, your anything metal! Use it on your lawn mower, snow blowers, trimmers and hedgers! Keep your chain saw chain lubricated. Keep your bike chain lubricated. And the list goes on!

Working on a car that has some seized nuts and bolts? Apply some CP-90 and relax! It quickly penetrates and loosens up those seized nuts and bolts. Use it after completing repairs to maintain that long-term protection. Stop corrosion in its tracks and moving parts will continue to work; screws, bolts and nuts will not seize! Use it in your workshop to keep your tools looking professional.

CP-90 is easy to apply. The 16 oz. pump spray bottle allows you to mist the right amount or you can wipe your tools and equipment down with a CP-90 soaked rag. Applicator systems are also available that will allow you to use your home compressor for bigger jobs.

Automotive: New, Used or Antique cars
Home Use: Door hinges, Grills, Lawn Furniture, Locks/Padlocks, Tools
Landscaping/Outdoor Care: Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Trimmers, Hedgers, Chain Saws
Recreation: Firearms, Fishing, Bikes, Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles
Workshop: Tools, Power Tools, Compressors, Generators